About Us

Our aim at Waradah is to provide an educational and entertaining cultural experience that will encompass and celebrate the significant events in Australia’s colourful history. 

The live performances and our exclusive movie, Bangarrai, are held in our custom-built theatre and are accompanied by the latest multimedia software and hardware, which project related images on to 3 screens. Furthermore, investments in Acoustiguide’s patented translation software allow International visitors to experience the performances into 1 of 8 programmable languages.

Combined with this, authentic Aboriginal artworks, and souvenirs, create a unique and significant experience, which we are proud to present to international and domestic visitors, schools, and businesses.

Our domestic education programs have been created with the current NSW Educational Aboriginal Studies curriculum in mind, and are geared at engaging students and broadening their understanding of Australian Indigenous culture.

Similarly, in a private room, International Students visiting Waradah will experience Aboriginal Culture in a series of activities which include an interactive talk on traditional Aboriginal culture;  an introduction to traditional painting techniques and symbols used in Aboriginal desert art; and a guided boomerang painting workshop.

In addition to the education programs, Waradah has a range of Corporate and group Packages to suit any requirement or experience.

To learn more about Waradah’s products, contact our Sales Team.