Visiting The Blue Mountains – Be Sure to Drop in at Waradah Aboriginal Centre

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Visiting The Blue Mountains – Be Sure to Drop in at Waradah Aboriginal Centre

The Blue Mountains is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Australia. Just 1.5 hour drive from Sydney, it’s the ideal destination for a day visit or a weekend getaway. Visitors to the Blue Mountains are spoilt for choice when it comes to attractions and activities.  The Blue Mountains  and The Blue Mountains Attraction websites provide upto date information on activities on the mountains.


Visitors to Echo Point, enjoy one of the most spectacular sceneries anywhere in Australia. Traditionally home to Gundungarra and Darug Aboriginal tribes, the Three Sisters is an iconic site which holds deep spiritual resonance for it’s indigenous people.

The Legend

The Gundungurra Peoples Dreamtime describes three beautiful sisters named Gunnedoo, Meehni and Weemala from the Kedumba (Katoomba) People of the Gundungurra Nation.

One day a clan group from the neighbouring Wiradjuri Nation sent warriors to kidnap the sisters. A fierce battle erupted and the Kedumba People’s “Clever Man” decided to turn the sisters into stone to protect them.

Unfortunately he died in battle and was never able to return the sisters to their original forms. So the sisters have continued to remain as stone forever.


Welcome to Waradah Aboriginal Centre

Situated on the edge of the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park at Echo Point, Katoomba, just 50 meters from the Three Sisters, Waradah Aboriginal Centre is a unique tourist development that opened it’s doors for business in December 2011.

An independently-owned, multifunctional Aboriginal Centre, our development is designed to complement the unique setting at Echo Point and its surroundings by establishing the links of indigenous Aboriginal peoples with this World Heritage listed area.


We are here in Three Sisters

Waradah Aboriginal Centre


Welcome to Waradah Aboriginal Center


Live Performances

Waradah’s multi-award winning Aboriginal Live Performances is designed to showcase Aboriginal Culture.

Our focus at Waradah Aboriginal Centre is to provide our guests with an educational and entertaining cultural experience, where traditional Aboriginal song, dance and didgeridoo are showcased. Combined with this, artwork, dreamtime stories and explanations of a traditional Aboriginal way of life, create a unique performance for international and local visitors to this World Heritage region.



Waradah Life Performance Show

Art Gallery

Waradah Art Gallery



The Gallery Smart hanger

Souvenir Shop


Waradah Retail Shop

Education Room


Flower Wall at Waradah

Aboriginal Chopper

So, next time you plan to visit Blue Mountains, you will visit them there, right ?

Waradah Aboriginal Centre
33-37 Echo Point Road, Three Sisters, Katoomba
Open 9 – 5, 365 days a year – never close

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