Mountain Devils at Waradah

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Mountain Devils at Waradah

Who remembers the Mountain Devils?

Did you know Mountain Devils have had a special relationship with Echo Point?

From early as the 1930’s, enterprising Blue Mountains residents harvested the seed-head from the native shrub, Lambertia formosa (from the same family of Banksia and Waratah with spiky pink flowers) to fashion little devil dolls for tourists. Though hugely popular in the 1940’s-70’s, by the 1980’s the dolls started disappearing from the Blue Mountains shops and kiosks.

Growing up in the Blue Mountains, Sarah Michell had fond memories of the Mountain Devils and in 2016, started making the little devil dolls using responsibly sourced seed-heads.

Sarah enjoys individualising her  devil dolls with materials which have history or a story attached to them. Antique lace and ribbon, emu feathers, silks dyed with botanical dyes are just some of the materials Sarah uses to add personality and uniqueness to her dolls.

Waradah is proud to be a stockist of these adorable Mountain Devils.

You can find the full collection at our retail store, open daily 9am-5pm. Whilst in our centre be sure to ask for other hand-made arts and crafts by local and Indigenous artists.