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Ada Bird – Body Paint


Ada Bird Petyarre was born on the old Utopia station at Atangkere c.1930 and passed away in early 2008. She was an Anmatyerre speaker and a significant Elder of one of the most important movements which has emerged from desert painting, the Utopia Women. Her country was Atnangkere and she painted the Arnkerrthe (Mountain Devil Lizard), Engcarma (Bean), Unyara (Emu), Annlara (Pencil Yam), Kadjera (Grass Seeds), and Elaitchurunga (Small Brown Grass) Dreamings that she shares with Gloria Petyarre and Emily Kame Kngwarreye and other female artists from the Utopia region. Ada’s style was unique, reflecting her culture and her personality. Her talent was obvious, and she left a legacy of works in many different designs, some featuring strong bright colours and others so beautifully delicate.

Ada Bird Petyarre is recognised as being one of the leading artists to have emerged from Utopia and her works are held in major collections in Australia and Internationally.

This painting was done in 2000

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Body Paint


Ada Bird


120 x 90cm