Anna Price Petyarre (Pitjara) – Women’s Ceremony (SOLD)

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Anna is the daughter of Utopian artist Glory Ngale. Anna was born at Utopia Station, several hours northeast of Alice Springs in 1965. Anna comes from a large language group of extremely talented and strong female artists. Unlike so many of the most famous Utopian women artists – Anna was introduced to painting in a more western style at a young age.

Anna is best known for her Bush Yam Dreaming. However as a traditional Aboriginal woman who engages in sacred ceremonies, Anna also paints women’s body paint designs, which are painted across the bodies of women during ceremony.

Anna resides in Mulga Bore, an outstation at Utopia, NT (approximately 220 km from Alice Springs) with her husband, Colin Price, their children, and five grandchildren.

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Women's Ceremony


Anna Petyarre (Pitjara)


145 x 80 cm.