Barbara Reid Napangardi – Minyma Tingari


Barbara Reid Napangarti or more commonly known as Kai Kai Reid/Napangarti was born in 1964 in the Tjukurla region of the Gibson Desert in Western Australia. Barbara is a traditional Aboriginal woman. Her language group is Ngaanyatjarra. Barbara is the daughter of famous Australian National Gallery artist, Ningura Napurrulla. Ningura has taught Barbara well and she has become an artist in her own right.

Barbara began painting in 1987 with the Centre for Aboriginal Artists in Alice Springs. She depicts her traditional country with a distinctive personal style; many of her painting features the puli or rock formations.

A trademark of Barbara’s works is her use of bright colours and thickly layered paint, which is typical of the Kintore region.


Minyma Tingari


Barbara Reid Napangardi


210 x 122 cm