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Barney was born in 1941 and is part of the Alawa language group, south-east of Katherine. His tribe is from the upper reaches of the Cox and Arnold Rivers, south of the Roper River and west of the Gulf of Carpentaria. He is a senior law man and a highly regarded traditional elder of his people.

All of his artworks are visions of his land and country and have deep meaning for him. Each line represents a different aspect of his country; some of the features have come to him through his dreams and provide a unique exploration of country, land and water through his use of colours that are both bold and soft and seem to flow freely on the canvas.

Barney’s artwork is highly sought after nationally and internationally and he has had several successful solo exhibitions as well as group exhibitions. He participated in his first exhibition in 1989 and has been exhibited widely around Australia and in the USA. His artworks can be found in a number of major Australian public and private galleries and collections.



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Barney Ellaga


56 x 54 cm