Bernadine Johnson – Bush Medicine Leaves (SOLD)

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Bernadine Johnson – Bush Medicine Leaves (SOLD)

Bernadine Johnson is from Utopia in the Northern Territory, and now lives with her husband, Stephen Pitjara and children in Adelaide. Her paintings tell of Ceremonial Painting, of gathering Bush Tucker, of Traditions and places in her Land. Bernadine paints with great attention to detail and her use of colour is subtle and delicate.

Her painting of bush medicine leaves is of such detail it looks like its woven. It can be hung either way as it is a birds-eye point of view. Her style is quite unique, even though this is a story, which is painted by a number of women from the Utopia region.

She tells the story of making the bush medicine which she has done many times before. You collect the leaves from the ground and trees and take them back home, smash them up with a rock and boil them on a fire with some oil. The leaves turn very green and give off a very strong smell, this is good medicine for healing cuts, bites and for sores. It is also used as an insect repellent.

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Bush Medicine Leaves


Bernadine Johnson


60 x 86 cm