Colin Bird Jungala – Men’s Ceremony

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Colin Bird Jungala – Men’s Ceremony


Colin is from the Utopia region in Central Australia, a few hours from Alice Springs. His country is called Ilkawerne. Colin is from the Jungala/Ngale skin group and he speaks Anmatyerre which is one of two language groups from the Utopia area.

Colin’s family includes  his mother Ada Bird Petyarre and her sisters; Gloria Petyarre and Kathleen Petyarre, all well known artists. A stockman and cowboy at heart, he is most at peace living on the traditional lands of Utopia where he has an intimate knowledge of the land and the sacred Dreamings.

Colin’s style is technically fine and detailed and his paintings exhibit the symmetry associated with Utopia men’s painting. This painting was made in 2004. Although Colin is not a regular painter, he uses a traditional style with symbols to depict his Dreamings which include stories about the Bush Plum and Mulga Berry which grow in the area.


Men's Ceremony


Colin Bird Jungala


90 cm x 90 cm