Debra Nangala McDonald – Women’s Corroboree Night Time

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Debra Nangala McDonald – Women’s Corroboree Night Time


Debra Nangala MacDonald was born on the 11th November 1969 at Papaunya Camp into an impressive artistic dynasty. Her mother, Martha MacDonald, is a highly respected Papunja Tjupi artist, and sister to Lynda Syddick, while her grandfather was the late Shorty Lungkata Tjumgurrayi (circa 1920 – 1987). Both Debra and Shorty’s stories refer to the Lake MacDonald area in the Gibson Desert, Central Australia.

Debra was married to the nephew of Turkey Tolson, and son of the great female artist Mitjili.

In July 2010 Debra had a highly successful artist in residence exhibition at Mulgara Gallery at Uluru. NT. Her talent is obvious and she is a next generation rising star who is carrying on the work of her ancestors by painting traditional cultural stories.

Debra has a precise and detailed dot style. She sits quietly and starts her work in one corner, working her way out into the canvas. Her paintings often depict sacred ceremonial grounds and rock hole sites surrounded by Tali (sand hills) in the area of the artists’ birthplace where the young women are taught by the elders and Law women. Also depicted are love stories, body paint designs used by women and dancing tracks used as they move from one ceremonial ground to another, celebrating their land and culture.

This artwork was created in 2009.


Debra Nungala McDonald


Women's Corroboree Night Time


60 x 90cm