Eddie Blitner – Mimi Spirit (SOLD)

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Eddie Blitner – Mimi Spirit (SOLD)


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Edward (Eddie) Blitner (born 1961) is from the Ngukkurr Community (now called Yugul Mangl) in Naijarlindji country on the Roper River, approx. 270km south-east off Katherine in the Northern Territory. Edward attended school at Concordia College in Adelaide until he was sixteen years old. As a young man he worked as a stock-man and farmhand.

Edward started painting when he was seven years old. He learned painting from his grandfather who painted on bark with natural ochre and while working on a particular painting, he recounted the Dreaming stories and taught the children appropriate songs and dance cycles.

“My grandfather would be painting on bark and we kids would sit around him and watch him grind the ochre’s and mix the colours, after a while he would tell us the story for that particular painting and also teach us the songs and dance for that story. When he was in a very good mood, he let us paint the sides of the bark painting, that was my start.”

It has taken Eddie many years to learn to paint the stories and the Dreamings past on to him by his grandfather.  The detailed cross hatching shown in his paintings and carvings, are his family’s body design and sacred to his clan. In this painting Eddie is depicting The Mimi Spirit. Mimi Spirits are fairy-like beings of some of the Indigenous Australians tribes. They are described as having, extremely thin and elongated bodies, so thin as to be in danger of breaking in case of a high wind. To avoid this, they usually spend most of, their time living in rock crevices. They are said to have taught the Aborigines of Australia how to hunt, prepare kangaroo meat, use fire and dance. They are like humans but they live in a different dimension.


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Mimi Spirit


Eddie Blitner


70 x 90cm

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