Evelyn Pultara – Bush Yam (SOLD)

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Evelyn Pultara – Bush Yam (SOLD)

Evelyn Pultara was born in approximately 1940 and comes from Woodgreen Station, located in Utopia in Central Australia. She
is from the Anmatyerre language group.
She began painting in 1997 and started out depicted more traditional designs such as bush tucker and Awelye (women’s ceremonial body paint designs) however she has progressed rapidly and is an outstanding artist in her own right.

The artwork depicts the artists totem, Antwelarr (Bush Yam) which is a staple food and water source to the Aboriginal people of Utopia in Central Australia. Antwelarr is celebrated in Awelye ceremonies through body painting, songlines and dance cycles; to pay homage to the spirit of Antwelar

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Bush Yam


Evelyn Pultara


120 x 90cm

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