Flora Brown – Tali (Sandhills)

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Flora Brown – Tali (Sandhills)


As a young girl Flora lived a traditional lifestyle learning about gathering bush tucker, bush medicine, craft and bead work for traditional ceremonies as well as learning the important cultural knowledge and Dreaming stories of her country.

Her artworks consist of themes and scenes associated with women’s ceremonies and her Jukurrpa (Dreaming stories) relate to her land, its features, and flora and fauna. These sacred and important stories have been passed down to her from her father’s side for generations

Mina Mina Jukurrpa relates to a major Women’s Dreaming site that is sacred to Warlpiri women of the Napangardi and Napanangka skin groups. Min Mina is located well to the west of Yuendumu in the Tanami Desert, in country that features and is dominated by salt lakes, claypan soakages and sandhills.

The painting was finished in 2017


Tali – Sandhills


Flora Brown


120 x 90cm

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