Jorna Newberry – Walpa, Wind Dreaming

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Jorna Newberry – Walpa, Wind Dreaming



Jorna Newberry is a Pitjantjatjara artist, born around 1959 at Angus Downs in the Northern Territory. Jorna Newberry lives between the communities of Warakurna and Irrunytju and the township of Alice Springs where she has family. In travelling from the remote communities to the town, Jorna Newberry continues to live both the traditional Aboriginal culture of her indigenous background and the contemporary culture of modern Australia.

Jorna Newberry is the niece of famous Aboriginal artist Tommy Watson. When visiting her lands she regularly goes bush with the women of her community to participate in traditional ceremonies. Jorna Newberry began painting in mid 1990s at Warakurna, and later joined painters at the Irrunytju Art Centre.

Over recent years Jorna Newberry has worked closely alongside her legendary uncle, Tommy Watson. She follows his instruction to favour abstraction as a stylistic means to ensure secrecy of important indigenous cultural matters, rather than taking a more figurative approach.

Walpa Tjukurpa (Wind Dreaming)

Wind dreaming relates to Jorna’s mothers Country at Utantja, a large stretch of sacred ceremonial land that has hilly country and a large rock hole where many people come from time to time to paint up, dance and do ceremony. The country is filled with kangaroos, camels, rock wallabies and birds.

“The wind ceremony forms winds … creates air to cool the lands …” She explains that wind also helps in hunting as being down- wind from animals makes it easy to hunt successfully. In painting this story, Jorna uses a very vibrant palette with circles and lines to describe the movement of the wind and its eddies as its size gets bigger and bigger.





Walpa, Wind Dreaming


Jorna Newberry


100 x 120 cm