Kitty Collins – Bush Tomatoes Dreaming (SOLD)

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Bush tomatoes are small fast-growing shrubs that fruit prolifically the year after a fire or good rains. The fruit has been used as Bush tucker by central Australian Aboriginal people for many thousands of years. Bush Tomatoes have a very strong flavour and scent when ripe and fresh so that one can actually smell a richly fruiting specimen from quite a distance.

In this painting, Kitty depicts women collecting bush tomatoes and witchery grubs. The concentric circles symbolise the sacred sites where the women perform ceremonies. These ceremonies are in honour of their country and in keeping with traditional law. The U shapes represent the women and beside them, lay their digging sticks which are also used as music sticks during the ceremony. The background dotting represents the landscape in this particular area.


Bush Tomatoes


Kitty Collins


64 x 123