Kudditji – Country


Kudditji’s country, Alhalkere, is located in the remote Utopia region, 250 kilometres northeast of Alice Springs.
Kudditji’s paintings reflect a style he has worked on since 2003 when he began to explore a technique known as the dump dump or dump dot. His paintings are romantic images of his country, accentuating the colour and form of the earth and landscape, the depth of the sky, and the shimmering summer heat, expressing his extensive knowledge and love of his country.

Born approx.1925, in Utopia, Northern Territory, Kudditji is the half brother of Emily Kame Kngwarreye. He is the traditional custodian of many important Dreamings of Country and Men’s business.

Sadly, Kudditji passed away in January 2017.

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93 cm x 150 cm