Thomas Tjapaltjarri – Tingari Cycle (SOLD)

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Thomas Tjapaltjarri – Tingari Cycle (SOLD)

Thomas Tjapaltjarri was born somewhere around 1964 in the Gibson Desert, Western Australia. Thomas and his family have one of the most extraordinary stories out of all the artists to emerge from Kiwirrkurra. The family – Thomas, Warlimpirrnga, Walala, Yukultji, Yalti and Tjakaria were dubbed “The Last Nomads” or “The Group of Nine” (according to news headlines at the time), led a completely nomadic life until they emerged from the desert. At age 20, in 1984, Thomas walked out of the desert to Kiwirrkurra with his family, the amazing part is that they had no contact with Western society or non- Aboriginals until this point. Even more wondrous, after living traditionally for 20 years he still managed to become one of the most sought after artists in his region displaying his own style and technique geometric storylines and precise dotting.

Thomas paints simple, geometric designs and uses a dotting technique shared with other Pintupi artists such as his brothers and also with George Ward Tjungurrayi. Thomas’s works explore the stories of the Tingari Cycle. Tingari are the legendary beings of the Pintupi people that travelled the desert performing rituals, teaching law, creating landforms and shaping what would become ceremonial sites. As far as we can know the meanings behind Tingari paintings are multi layered, however those meanings are not available to the uninitiated.

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Tingari Cycle


Thomas Tjapaltjarri


120 x 60 cm