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William King Jungala – Campsites


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William was born in 1966 in the Gurindji country near Katherine in the Northern Territory. In his early years he lived with his Grandfather with whom he spoke of with great love and respect. His Grandfather had travelled widely across the desert and shared his stories with William and became both his mentor and teacher. William returned to his Grandfather’s country as a young man to learn more about his Aboriginal heritage.

By the age of 27, William was developing a very unique contemporary art style which led to his work being selected for an exhibition at The Gallery of Greater Victoria in British Columbia, Canada as part of the Commonwealth Games celebrations.

William continued to create a large body of work and was exhibited in numerousgalleries around Australia and sold internationally.

William was a thoughtful man who looked at nature with an artist’s eye combining his Aboriginal heritage into his work.

The passing of William King Jungala in December 2007 at 41 years old was a sad loss for his family and the Australian Aboriginal Art industry. William’s daughter, Sarita King is also an emerging artist who combines fine abstract works exploring many aspects of nature and reflecting her father’s influence.




William King Jungala


60 x 90cm