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Acknowledgement Of Country & Welcome to Country

Protocols for welcoming visitors to country have been a part of Aboriginal culture for thousands of years. Despite the absence of fences or visible borders, Aboriginal groups had clear boundaries separating their countries. Permission was needed by travellers when crossing into another group’s country – similar to obtaining a visa. When permission was granted, the hosting group would welcome the visitors, offering them safe passage.     An acknowledgement of country is a protocol performed preceding an official meeting or formal activity. It acknowledges the Aboriginal...

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Acclaimed Aboriginal artist, Greg Weatherby chooses Waradah as a stockist.

  Greg Weatherby’s father is a Yuin man from Maruya in NSW’s South Coast, and his mother was an English woman. Greg’s talents as an artist became apparent from an early age, whilst living in a boy’s home with his four brothers. At the time, the nun’s forced him to paint religious pictures. Upon leaving, Greg became interested in learning about his Aboriginal heritage. Travelling his father’s country, he attended ceremonies, learnt the ways of his ancestors, and collected dreamtime stories, which he transcribed into his paintings. Today, Greg is a...

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Understanding Aboriginal Dreaming.

Australian Aborigines have the longest continuous cultural history of any group of people on Earth – over 65,000 years. There’s never been an adequate translation in the English language to sufficiently define everything embodied by Aboriginal Dreamings. Guided by their Ancestral Spirits, the Aboriginal people have developed an intimate knowledge of and belonging to the land. They are entrusted to watch over and protect the land. This bond, this rich spiritual connection, is known as the Dreaming. The Dreaming stories are linked to the creation time and the Ancestral Spirits who...

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Waradah Aboriginal Live Performance Show

Waradah Aboriginal Live  Performance Show

After months of preparation and hard work, our newly designed Waradah theatre opened its doors to the public on Nov 24th, 2015. The show combines: state of the art audio visual illustration live performance by our Aboriginal troupe dreamtime story-telling, corroboree and Didgeridoo performances The result is the joining of traditional and cultural performance, providing Australian and overseas visitors an authentic Aboriginal experience. To further enhance our visitors’ experience, we’ve installed a 4.5m x 2.5m screen background with related displays of photos and videos as well...

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